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‘Supergirl’: James Olsen to Become a Superhero, but Not One You Expect

Supergirl, CW Network

In an interesting twist, former Superman sick kick James Olsen, will be getting a big upgrade on Supergirl. He will actually become a superhero. According to Entertainment Weekly and executive producer Andrew Kriesberg, Olsen will suit up as the show’s version of Guardian. This will be an identity that Kara will not know about at first.

These next few episodes are going to make him realize that being a photographer… is not enough for him, so he’s going to go on a pretty exciting career trajectory that we’re really pumped by. James is going to decide that he can no longer sit back and be a sidekick, so he’s going to decide to become a vigilante and he’s going to become Guardian — complete with the shield — which is going to cause a massive problem in his relationship with Kara [Melissa Benoist], because he has decided not to tell her.

The Guardian, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

This comes as a big surprise, because Arrow fans felt that this is who Diggle was expected to become in the CW television universe. In the Guardian’s first comic appearance, he was Jim Harper, a police officer who was fed up with the crime in Metropolis. He decides to become the Guardian: a hero that is extremely proficient  at combat.

What can we expect from the new hero, and how long will Kara be kept in the dark?

These are both big questions that Supergirl will face this season. It is almost certain that Guardian will tote his trademark shield. Like Jim Harper, he shows up to face the over-abundance of crime in Metropolis…err…Central City. This is not the Jimmy Olsen that people remember from the comics, though. This is a seasoned Olsen, who’s been hanging with Superman for years, and this experience will harden a man. Gone is the clumsy, bumbling office assistant.

The Guardian, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

We will see how all of this shapes up, when Olsen picks the shield up for the first time as Guardian on Supergirl.

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