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Barack Obama’s Top 8 Sci-Fi Movies Ever List is Kinda Boring

Some might say that as a U.S. President, you really shouldn’t have a lot of time to watch movies. Some would say that, but not with this President. Barack Obama seems to always be on vacations, so why wouldn’t he have a top list of science fiction movies? If you are tired of dealing with the back-and-forth food fight that is the 2016 election, then you should check out what President Obama is watching and not saving world hunger or fixing the American economy.

In an interview with Wired, Obama was asked to list his favorite sci-fi films. He not only listed the films, but took the opportunity to give a short statement about why he chose these films.

Star Wars, LucasFilm, Disney
A view from inside the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon from ‘Star Wars’. Image: Disney, LucasFilm


Here is President Barack Obama’s top 8 list of the Best Science Fiction films ever:

01 “2001: A Space Odyssey” because “it captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown.”
02 “Blade Runner” because “it asks what it means to be human.”
03 “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” because “it is fundamentally optimistic.”
04 “Star Wars” because “it was fun and revolutionized special effects.”
05 “Star Trek” (original series) because “it uses science fiction to promote a humanist ethnic.”
06 “The Martian” because “it shows humans at problem solvers.”
07 “The Matrix” because “it asks basic questions about our reality—and looks very cool”
08 “Cosmos” because “it fed my lifelong fascination with space.”

You can check out the video of the interview below:

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