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Gaming: Feast Your Eyes on the New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo

If you have dismissed Nintendo because you feel that their consoles are for a youth audience, then you are about to be surprised. Nintendo has shifted their aim, and have joined Microsoft and Sony in trying to revolutionize the gaming industry once again. Today, Nintendo has the first ever look at the Nintendo Switch, a new home gaming system previously known as the NX. This isn’t just another game console though, the Nintendo Switch is a home console and a portable gaming system all-in-one.

When you have the console at home, it sits in the dock system that connects to your tv giving you all the playability of a PS4 or an Xbox One. The real beauty comes when you want to get on the go. You can take the Nintendo Switch with you. When you take the Switch from the dock, the system will convert into portable mode, equipped with its own screen. The controller also transitions and clips to both sides of the screen, resembling the WiiU controller.

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

You will be able to enjoy the Nintendo Switch with you during your daily travels. The Nintendo Switch becomes the ultimate all-in-one game system. There is one more intriguing option to the Switch. The detachable Joy-Con controller allows a player to use one in each hand, two people can each use on, or multiple Joy-Con can be used for a multiplayer gaming experience. The Nintendo Switch comes with a bright HD display.

Here are some important questions answered, courtesy of Arstechnica:

The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch: Nintendo confirmed to IGN that “the main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen.” The dock’s main functions are TV output and power/charging. Nintendo said, which suggests the dock won’t actually have much in the way of additional hardware to enable higher-fidelity play on an HDTV.

The Switch can’t play physical 3DS or Wii U games: This Destructoid translation of a Japanese Famitsu story confirms that the Switch will not play physical games from Nintendo’s most recent consoles. We’re not holding our breath that downloadable 3DS or Wii U titles will be supported, either, due to the internal architecture changes to the system’s processor. Older, downloadable Virtual Console titles aren’t out of the question, though.

Switch will support Unreal Engine 4: This isn’t a huge surprise, since Epic Games was listed as a partner in yesterday’s trailer, but it’s still nice to get direct confirmation via tweet. While we’re at it, the system has Unity game engine support as well (much like pretty much every other device with a microprocessor).

Switch will support Nintendo Amiibo figures: Nintendo tells IGN that your figures will be recognized by compatible games on the new console.

Check out the announcement video below:

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in March.

Full game demonstrations, launch window titles, and other specs should release in the run-up to launch day.

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