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Sharpen Your Arrows, A ‘Rambo’ Reboot is in the Works

Rambo: First Blood, Tri-Star Pictures

Nu Image/Millennium Films announced plans to reboot the 1980s franchise Rambo. The story follows John, a Vietnam War veteran who is cast out by society in the wake of the war. The original franchise starred Sylvester Stallone as the famous Green Beret. The reboot, titled Rambo: New Blood, is going to be a full reboot and will not have Stallone return to the role.

Rambo was a 1980s action movie with plenty of blood and gore to appease any naysayer. It is unknown whether the film will use the storyline from the first film, or jump right into the action with First Blood. The thing that set the Rambo movies apart from others, was its ability to showcase copious amounts of graphic violence, while relating to a huge number of men living in and around the 1980s. Rambo is considered by most to be the pinnacle of 1980 guy movies.

Rambo: First Blood, Tri-Star Pictures
Image: Tri-Star Pictures

Brooks McLaren (Line of Sight) will pen the script, and Ariel Vromen (The Iceman, Criminal) is set to direct. The film will see a younger actor take the reins from the aging Stallone. McLaren is no stranger to the action genre, penning How It Ends and the future Ben Affleck film Line of SightHow It Ends is a post-apocalyptic survival film that made 2010s coveted ‘Black List’.

I hope they don’t take out the gore. I was introduced to this franchise at an early age, and that is the one thing that I loved about Rambo franchise. For those of you that don’t know, it was really just an awesome kick-ass movie, that secured Stallone’s place in Hollywood for decades to follow. The last film in the franchise hit theaters in 2008. It features Stallone, but it was apparent that he is too old for the role.

There is no current date set for the theatrical release of Rambo: New Blood.

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