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Can Drinking Red Wine Actually Help You Lose Weight?

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Don’t stress if you feel like the treadmill isn’t doing enough to drop the unwanted pounds you are bearing.  Recent studies have shown that you could trade in some of those extra miles for a couple of glasses of Merlot to help you lose weight! That is right, red wine could actually contribute to weight loss. This is great news for millions of Americans looking for that extra edge in the weight loss game. Am I crazy? No.

Scientist may have pinpointed the very thing that helps promote this weight loss. According to some it is resveratrol. Resveratrol is actually an antioxidant that you can find in most fruits. Studies have proven that resveratrol prevents obesity, but until recently, scientist didn’t understand why.

Sideways, Fox Searchlight Pictures
‘Sideways’. Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Researchers from Washington State University found that resveratrol (found in red wine) can help make fat easier to burn off.  Harvard Medical School recognized that women who drank 2 glasses of wine daily were 70% less likely to be overweight. What’s the deal with resveratrol, you say?  A study by Arizona State University found that resveratrol helps suppress the appetite, making you much less likely to binge in the evening right before bedtime (like most Americans). Yes, we are all guilty of it.

Wait, I drink red wine all the time, yet I’m STILL not losing weight!

Of course not, because everything else surrounding your nutrition world is probably in need of some assistance.  Truth is, using red wine to lose weight works like a supplement….in that it SUPPLEMENTS your fitness training/nutrition plan.  It doesn’t substitute for poor nutrition or laziness, but it may help you drop the extra pounds you’ve been trying to shed for so long!

Sideways, Fox Searchlight Pictures
‘Sideways’. Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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