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Ezra Miller On How They Filmed The Flash in ‘Justice League’

Justice League, Warner Brothers

Making his first appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ezra Miller amazed audiences in the first appearance of The Flash on the big screen. During the Suicide Squad, we finally got to see The Flash in action, as he apprehended Captain Boomerang. It was the way he moved on-screen that had everyone flabbergasted. But all of this was just build-up to DC’s first big superhero team-up movie, Justice League. 

Justice League, Warner Bros.
Fan art taking inspiration from the Flash suit reveal in ‘Justice League’. Image: Warner Bros.

When the first trailer hit for JL, we finally saw the speed force from Barry Allen’s perspective, as he dodges one of Batman’s batarangs. During the brief scene, we see that everything moves in super slow motion compared to the way that Barry moves. This is something that recently worked for Quicksilver in the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. Whether or not Barry’s speed force will appear differently than Quicksilver’s is anyone’s guess now, but DC is sure to bring something different to the table.

Justice League will be the first time that DC will assemble their heroes all in one film (excluding animated films). Miller’s Flash is one of the most-anticipated characters by fans. In a recent interview with Fox 5 DC to promote his most recent film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Miller spoke about how the Flash scenes were filmed for Justice League. This is what he had to say:

Sometimes they make me run. Which I was outraged because I thought, you know, playing The Flash, this will be great, you can’t see him running so this will be easy! No, no, Ezra, we need you to run. We have this enormous treadmill that’s called, I think, The Tumblelator, that’s like 25 feet long, goes 45 miles per hour and its bouncy, like a trampoline. Pretty much a dream come true. Then, they strap me into a harness, we do all sorts of stuff. What we’re creating is a vocabulary; where choreography meets visual effects. And what we’re trying to implement is a wide diversity of tactics of how we create these moments and… A lot of The Flash is his perception.

It is nice to see that DC isn’t taking the easy way out and using CG for all the speed scenes. When you go with practical stunts and effects integrated with CG effects, you cannot go wrong. Zack Snyder is a director that aims at nothing short of epic, so there is no doubt that he will amaze you when the Flash races into Justice League. 

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures
Ezra Miller as ‘THe Flash’. Image: Warner Brothers Pictures.

Justice League (with Ezra Miller’s The Flash) hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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