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‘Goonies 2’ is Officially Dead, According to Feldman and Plimpton

The Goonies, Warner Bros. Pictures

Goonies is one of my favorite childhood films, and brought actors like Cory Him, Corey Feldman, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin closer to fame. The film was bright, magical, and adventurous. Written by Steven Spielberg, Goonies was the kids version of another one of his films, Indiana Jones. Indy is even referenced by one of the Goonies, Data. It is definitely a movie that I can watch over-and-over again.

Usually, when news of a potential sequel/reboot hits, it is met with a lot of apprehension. You don’t want Hollywood to step all over a franchise, just to a make a profit. This is something that we just saw happen with the recent Ghostbusters reboot. Although, the reboot was welcomed by fans, the film just fell short of expectations, with some die-hard fans refusing to even watch the film.

The Goonies, Warner Bros. Pictures
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is one of the major setbacks for Goonies 2. Everyone involved with the project doesn’t want to release a sequel without a good story behind it. In the last few months, Corey Feldman confirmed that there is a good chance that the sequel to the 1985 family film is effectlively dead.

In an interview today in a Reddit AMA, his co-star, Martha Plimpton, reaffirms that she doesn’t believe that the sequel will ever get made. She said:

“I can tell you that I really wouldn’t expect it. It’s been teased for decades and I don’t think it’s going to happen. At least, as far as I know. I think [director] Dick Donner, who is a brilliantly funny man, likes to torture us all with the prospect. I believe it’s his revenge for having been tortured by all of us for six months in 1984.”

According to Feldman, there is no script written for the sequel and that everything was just talk. The real problem is that nobody knows where to take the story.

The Goonies, Warner Bros. Pictures
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

With director Richard Donner (Superman II, Maverick, Lethal Weapon) turning 87, much of the cast is not interested in making the film without him.


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