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Pixar Drops First Teaser for ‘Cars 3’, and Its Really Dark

Cars 3, Pixar

Pixar is taking a short time to finish out some of their popular franchises before they move forward with new movies. The first sequel down the chute is the ever popular Cars sequel. They have dropped the first teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel Cars 3, and it is really dark. Does this mean that the franchise could take a turn for the worse?

Check out the teaser trailer for Cars 3 below:

I am convinced Cars 3 will bring in a bundle of cash for the animation studio. Kids everywhere will get another healthy helping of Lightning McQueen and his trusted friend, Mater. This new teaser has the expected update in animation, and the visuals really look great.  The shocking thing about it is that it features our favorite race car, McQueen wrecking during a race.

How does Pixar think this will affect kids? Announcing the new sequel is one thing, but letting everyone know that their favorite character is doomed to have a life-changing accident on the race track is a completely different approach. Will kids be shocked, and will Pixar kill off McQueen? That is doubtful, but one thing is for sure, this will be a very different journey than the last two films.

Cars 3, Pixar
‘Cars 3’ Concept Art. Image: Pixar

The teaser finishes with the tag line, “From this moment on, everything will change,” and it alludes to a big shakeup of the franchise. No matter what, this film will be a very different Cars movie. Will this be the last time that Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) will be featured in the franchise? Cars is usually a franchise that is fun and light-hearted, this is surely a twist by Pixar. There is no doubt that the third installment will have the same feel as the rest of the films, but this teaser really tries to make you think otherwise.

Cars 3  is set to hit theaters on June 16, 2017.

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