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CW’s DC Crossover Event, Heroes v Aliens, Gets an Epic Trailer

CW Crossover, CW Network

If you have kept up with Arrow, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow, then you know that every season, the CW does an epic crossover event. They give each show its own episode, but this year we get a big upgrade to the villains category. The big villain for the CW crossover event will be The Dominators, a little-known alien race that could be quite formidable against the DC heroes of Earth. Check out the epic crossover event’s trailer below:

So, who exactly are The Dominators? They are an alien race that first appeared in 1967’s Action Comics #361. They are known for their oversized heads with red circles, and their yellow skin. These features are both present in their small-screen appearance.

If the CW follows the comic storyline Invasion!, then The Dominators have found a way to negate the metahumans ability to be ‘super’. They invade the planet to stop the Earth from eventually becoming entirely super, and becoming unstoppable as a race. Eloquently titled as their Heroes v Aliens event, this crossover will be a four night-four episode event. It will be nothing short of spectacular.

CW Crossover, CW Network
Image: CW Network

In the trailer we get to see how Supergirl is summoned to the team up, and how Barry Allen will be the one to bring everyone together. Are you ready to see the CW’s greatest DC superheroes go up against the alien threat called The Dominators?

The CW’s big Heroes v Aliens crossover event begins tomorrow night with Supergirl, and continue on through the rest of the week.

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