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Obesity: It’s Not the Carbohydrates Fault


In this day and age, people are actually avoiding fruit as a means to lose weight.  Yea, avoiding fruit to lose weight?!?  Though fruit consumption has never been proven to cause noticeable weight gain, it has now become the enemy (in some circles).  I have yet to meet a person that gained 150 lbs from eating too many apples.  Hard apple cider, maybe, but good old apples straight from the tree?  Come on now. The enemy is not an apple or an orange, it is evil carbohydrates.

Nearly 99% of all my nutrition conversations with clients all come back to the evil carbohydrates.  I regularly hear  “I just love chips and candy too much”, or “I’m eating really good, just too many carbs”, or  “I just need to cut my carbs”.  You know how I cut MY carbohydrates?  With a pizza cutter…HEYOOOOO!!!

CarbohydratesBut seriously, carbohydrates aren’t the only culprit in this energy-rich American diet.  Let’s take pizza (since I brought it up) as an example….If you take a typical pizza with cheese and meat, you end up having more calories in the fat alone than the carbs….Add the protein calories and you’ve sealed the deal.  Donuts are carbs, right?  Technically speaking, a Krispy Kreme donut is 53% fat calories…so…yea.

The misconception comes from the lack of control of the energy balance (stay with me, I’m not referring to The Force or anything).  A gram of protein or carbohydrate is equal to roughly 4 calories, whereas a gram of fat is roughly 9 calories.  Ergo, nutrition that is higher in fat will skyrocket your overall intake much faster than the other 2 macronutrients.  So, fat is the devil then?  NO!  The whole point is to have a balanced intake that meets or sits just below your maintenance level of caloric intake.  In short, the problem isn’t carbs, or any specific macronutrient at all, but it’s the balance of energy.  Weight loss AND fat loss is dependent upon living in a negative calorie zone, taking in fewer calories than is necessary to maintain your weight.

CarbohydratesIf you’d like to know how to find that maintenance level with your nutrition, or if you’d like to start a training program to work with your already awesome nutrition plan, give me a shout!

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