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How FX’s ‘Legion’ Will Connect to the X-Men Universe

Legion, FX

Legion will be the closest thing to a new X-Men television show we may see. Since last year when the show was announced, everyone has wondered whether we will see any X-Men cameos or crossovers in the television show. Another question on everyone’s mind is, should it?

Well, the obvious answer to this is a resounding YES! It should crossover in some capacity. Legion has every opportunity to crossover and keep the continuity of the franchise in tact, because the show shares a lot of the producers as the X-Men films. This is a very good thing, and with shared universes being all the rage, could mean that a cameo or two could show up fairly early in the show.

In a recent interview with Showrunner Noah Hawley (Fargo), Entertainment Weekly asked him about the possibility of a crossover. He had this to say:


“I’m firm believer the show has to stand on its own two feet. For a crossover to be possible we have to earn that right through the quality of our storytelling and hopefully our popularity. David’s origin story hasn’t changed, so we haven’t changed that connection to the X-Men universe.”

Legion, FX
What will Marvel do with it’s first chance to handle Mutants in ‘Legion’. Image: FX

In the comics, David Haller is the son of Professor Xavier, the leader of the X-Men. We may have to wait for a while before we see any crossovers happen, but when they do they are bound to be good. The X-Men universe has an extensive catalog of characters (major or minor) to pick from for any crossover. Even references to the X-Men universe in the form of Easter Eggs will be enough for fans for now.

Legion stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, and Aubrey Plaza, and premieres February 8 on FX.


Source: Variety

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