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Are You Afraid of Clowns? New Trailer for ‘Clowntergeist’ Will Test That.

Clowntergeist, High Octane Pictures

There is a new low-budget horror film on the horizon that will chill you to the bone. Do you like clowns, or do they freak you out to your core? Well if you are one of the majority of people in the world that are deathly afraid of clowns, then you might want to skip this trailer. High Octane Pictures has dropped a trailer for their newest low-budget indie film called Clowntergeist. Check out the trailer below.

Aaron Mirtes helms this story about a demonically-possessed clown that kills people, with a little twist. He lets his victims know that he is coming to get them, right down to the exact time he will show up. How they cannot defeat him or escape this situation is beside me, but that is why you have to love cheesy horror flicks.

Clowntergeist is based on Mirtes’ own award-winning short story, The Clown Statue. The film follows Emma (Brittany Belland), a college student who receives a note from the possessed clown in true sideshow fashion. He leaves her death time and date on a bloody balloon. Everyone in this film must face their own fears as they try to combat this mysterious killer. Here is the official synopsis of the film:

Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, must come face to face with her worst fear when an evil spirit in the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the town she calls home. One by one Emma and her friends receive a balloon with the exact time and date of when it will appear to kill them written on it. After receiving her balloon, Emma realizes that she has two days left to live, and must fight against the clock to find a way to survive.

Clowntergeist, High Octane Pictures
Image: High Octane Pictures

Clowntergeist is a product of a successful Kickstarter, and screened at AFI Fest last November. There is no date set for release just yet, but I hope that it will be sometime soon. The original title for this film was Fear Itself. This is the title that is tagged onto the trailer, but has since changed.

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