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The Final Trailer for ‘Logan’ Shows X-23 and Logan in Action

Logan, 20th Century Fox

The last trailer for the highly anticipated Wolverine film Logan has been released, and it is full of action! The trailer gives us our first glimpses of the gore in the film. (Mild Spoiler Alert: There are a few lost limbs as you could have assumed.) Check out the trailer below:

Preliminary impressions from screenings of the first act of the film are really good. I say that this is finally the Wolverine film that fans have waited for. This is definitely a movie that I cannot wait to see.

There are a few great thing shown in this trailer. The first one being the meta-discussions that will open up about the idea of having X-Men comics in an X-Men movie. This trailer also has Professor X cussing, enough gore to satisfy the R-Rating fans, some really great moments. I cannot get over how it seems that everyone does out of their way to treat X-23 like a child. Now, I know that she is a child, but it si a different dynamic seeing her get lectured by Logan and by the villains of the film.

Logan, 20th Century Fox
Image: 20th Century Fox

The key moments in this trailer are the fight scenes. They are fast and violent. This is not the family friendly X-Men movie that you are used to, but that is ok. I really like the grittiness of this film. The whole aesthetic of the film lends to things old and dying. It is almost as if the world is dying without mutants existing anymore. It is beautiful and sad at the same time, evoking feelings of remorse and yearnings for better days. This is all intentional of course, but it does make for a better looking film.

Logan stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine,  Dafne Keen as X-23, Sir Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Stephen Merchant, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez. This will be Jackman’s 9th and last time as the adamantium X-Man.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.


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