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Here is a Rundown of All of the New Funko POP! Toys and Figures Coming Soon

Funko POP!, Funko

You say that you collect Funko POP! Vinyl figures? Well, you are not alone in this world. Funko has taken over the world, releasing vinyl figures for almost every imaginable franchise in the known world. The big mystery is how they are able to keep grabbing the licenses for all the franchise they have in their catalogs. From Disney to A Nightmare on Elm Street, there is a figure for that. It just never ends.

The only thing that rivals Funko’s obsession with acquiring licenses are the collectors who search far-and-wide for the rarest of POP! figures. Funko announced its newest run of POP! figures for 2017 at the UK Toy Fair yesterday, and there are some amazing franchises coming soon. Here are just a few of the new lines coming out this year.


Parks and Recreation

You’re saying that you love the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation? Well, there is a POP! for that.

Funko POP! Parks and Recreation, Funko
Image: Funko

1990’s Nickelodeon

In a surprise turn, Funko is bringing us figures for some of our most-beloved cartoons of the 90’s. From CatDog and Rugrats, all the way to Aaahh! Real Monsters, you’re gonna need more shelf space.

Funko POP! Nickelodeon, Funko
Image: Funko

Power Rangers

Have you been living under a rock? Funko is bring the plush toys out to compliment their POP! figures. It’s Morphin’ Time!

Funko Power Ranger Plush, Funko
Image: Funko

Batman: The Animated Series and the DC TV Universe

Funko’s bringing the Big Black Bat Universe to its mystery mini series. From the DC television universe to Batman: The Animated Series these minis will be a must-have!

Funko POP! DC Comics, Funko
Image: Funko


Were you lost while you watched the CW series Alias? You were not alone, but the show has a huge cult following, and now a toy line as well.

Funko POP! Alias, Funko
Image: Funko

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is the newest hit show out now. Why would you not want a few figures from the show to go with all that binge-watching you are doing.

Funko POP! Mr. Robot, Funko
Image: Funko

Twin Peaks

The show is coming back to your television screens after being gone for too long. Get lost in the mystery of Twin Peaks, and not only is Funko bring us a full vinyl figure line for the show, but they are also making action figures as well.

Funko POP! Twin Peaks, Funko
Image: Funko

The 100

Is the show not enough? Did you not receive your ticket to board the ARK? Well, at least you can let them populate your desk or bookshelf as well.

Funko POP! The 100, Funko
Image: Funko

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf looks better as a POP! Vinyl!

Funko POP! Teen Wolf, Funko
Image: Funko

Lord of the Rings

This is the first time that The Lord of the Rings is getting the Vinyl treatment from Funko. There are some great figures in here, including dirty-face Gandalf and Ring-sick Frodo. Get them while you can.

Funko POP! Lord of the Rings, Funko
Image: Funko

Ghost in the Shell

This is not a run of figures from the anime, rather it is a kick-ass series of movie figures!

Funko POP! Ghost in the Shell (Movie), Funko
Image: Funko

Mass Effect

These figures are straight from the upcoming sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda, to the original Mass Effect game series. They are detailed, and look really good.

Funko POP! Mass Effect, Funko
Image: Funko

Mystery Science Theater 3000

This is a show that I grew up with, so you can bet that I will have my very own Tom and Crow when they hit store shelves!

Funko POP! Mystery Science Theater 3000, Funko
Image: Funko


These figures are coming straight from Blizzard’s surprise hit shooter Overwatch! Your shelf could always use some more Heroes.

Funko POP! Overwatch, Funko
Image: Funko

Space Jam

We may not be getting a sequel to the 1996 hit movie. These Space Jam vinyls are sure to be a slam dunk to add into your collection.


Funko POP! Space Jam Looney Tunes, Funko
Image: Funko

This is only a small fraction of the new POP!s hitting shelves this year. Check out the rest of them on Funko’s blog.

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