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Nutrition Tips: This is How You Can Burn Fat Overnight

Chad Humphrey Fitness

In our culture, very few people ‘have time’ to put in the effort to create solid fat loss habits. I get it. Life is crazy in the US, and convenience usually wins against preparation. WHAT if there was a way to….jump start your metabolism, and let you burn fat on a daily basis?  If you’re interested, give this a try:

1 cup grapefruit juice
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey

Mix these ingredients together, and slam this little drink right before lunch and dinner. Why?!? I’m glad you asked!

Chad Humphrey FitnessFirst, grapefruit juice has been proven to decrease insulin levels, preventing the body from storing as much sugar as fat. It can also help curb the appetite due to it’s high fiber content, while containing very few calories for a fruit.

Second, apple cider vinegar (random clear bottle you’ve probably had sitting in the back of your pantry for years now) has been shown to positively affect blood glucose levels. This is most likely because the vinegar messes with the body’s digestion of starch, ultimately providing a reduction in the calories eaten. It’s not magic, it just makes your body think it should get rid of some of those calories rather than process and digest them.

The honey? Well, that’s primarily to add delicious points, but honey can be helpful too. Honey can actually help decrease poor cholesterol in the body, while at the same time help your body mobilize stored body fat. While it’s gradual, it does happen, so why wouldn’t we throw a bit of the sweet nectar in there!

Look, I get that no one is perfect. We’ll all make mistakes, right? Why not give this pre-meal beverage a try to help you fight against those little mistakes, and let you burn fat while you sleep?

Stay Strong,

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Chad Humphrey
My career in the fitness world began in 2011 after having won a weight-loss bet with my brothers. I dropped about 70 pounds over the course of 9 months to win the bet. In August 2012, at age 27, I opened his training studio in North San Antonio Texas (Chad Humphrey Fitness). In 2013, I graduated from Wayland Baptist University, with a B.A.S. with a concentration in Physical Education. I continue to pursue excellence in the fitness world by educating myself and others about the necessity of nutrition and training to maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Boom!