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Nutrition Tips: Here Are 5 Fat Loss Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals!

Chad Humphrey Fitness


In a former life, I was once known as Fat Chad (see image below).  He was super funny and friendly, but he wasn’t all that healthy. Weight loss may seem like it’s unobtainable, but it really isn’t. These are things he learned along the way to get where he is today.

Chad Humphrey FitnessHere are 5 Fat Loss Tips to help you reach your goals!

Fat Loss Tip #1: Set Small, Realistic Goals

When I first started losing weight, all I did was switch from having 2 frozen pizzas for lunch to having just 1.  Seriously.  I may have also switched to having sweet tea only at dinner and not throughout the day.  Lost 30lbs in almost 30 days.  It’s RIDICULOUS how much a simple adjustment can change you.  Making SMALL adjustments will not only be realistic and attainable, but also guarantee lasting fat loss results!

Fat Loss Tip #2: Focus on Home Cooking

Let’s be real; even at the healthiest restaurants you can’t find a quality meal that’s not overloaded with empty calories. Everything is cooked in oil, butter, or deep fried….that’s why it’s delicious. HOWEVER, it will destroy your weight loss results.


Try investing in a crock pot where there are endless possibilities of easy meals to prepare. Maybe take a little extra time one evening and prepare a bunch of ready to go meals for the workdays (this is called “meal prep”). BONUS:  You get to spend more time at home with your family!

Fat Loss Tip #3:  Fill Up With Protein

I know, I know, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times….but there’s a reason. It’s important! If everyone would get on the protein bandwagon I’d stop harassing you about it. But seriously, protein is one of the most satiating macronutrients (compared to fat and carbs), and your body likes to use it rather than store it.  Fill your plate with more chicken and fish instead of rice and bread and be done with all the excess weight!

  Fat Loss Tip #4: Don’t Keep Bad Snacks at Home

CarbohydratesMy weakness was cereal. I can dominate breakfast cereal, and I used to think a serving size was one box. I had a problem. Your weakness may be chips, booze, or chocolate. Whatever it is, get it out!  Out of sight, out of mind, right? If you don’t have easy access to it, then you’re less likely to engage with your tempting snacks on a regular basis. Boom.

Fat Loss Tip #5: Find Something That Motivates You Through the Tough Moments

Zack and Miri Make a Porno, View Askew

Social media is the backbone of our culture now, right? Sometimes we look at pictures of people and think, “dang, I wish I looked like that!”. Well guess, what?!? You CAN! Keep reminding yourself with that photo that you’re working on something amazing, and it’s going to be incredible when it’s finished!

Sometimes we just need some sticky notes through the house as reminders of why you’re on this journey, or maybe just some encouraging thoughts.  Place them on the refrigerator, the pantry, your bathroom scale (or just throw that out the window). Look, no one ever said weight loss was easy….but it’s important.  Important to you, and important to those who love you. If you’re ready to make a change and you need some help, let me know, I’ll be here for ya.

Stay Strong,


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Chad Humphrey
My career in the fitness world began in 2011 after having won a weight-loss bet with my brothers. I dropped about 70 pounds over the course of 9 months to win the bet. In August 2012, at age 27, I opened his training studio in North San Antonio Texas (Chad Humphrey Fitness). In 2013, I graduated from Wayland Baptist University, with a B.A.S. with a concentration in Physical Education. I continue to pursue excellence in the fitness world by educating myself and others about the necessity of nutrition and training to maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Boom!