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Taron Egerton: Could ‘Kingsman 3’ Already be in the Works?

Kingsman: The Secret Service, 20th Century Fox

In a world full of comic book adaptations and superhero films, it takes a special idea to standout. This is exactly what Kingsman: The Secret Service did back in 2014. It felt authentic enough that few knew it was a comic book adaptation. Not only that, it surprised moviegoers with an experience that few expected. The Kingsman was fresh, full of action scenes that didn’t seem like cheap knock-offs of ideas that we had previously seen.

Kingsman: The Secret Service, Twentieth Century Fox
Colin Firth in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. Image: Twentieth Century Fox

In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Taron Egerton spoke about the Kingsman sequel. He took the opportunity to comment on whether Kingsman 3 could be on the way:

“Matthew [Vaughn] is a very much ‘Don’t count the chickens before they’ve hatched’ kind of guy, but he also has a real sense of Kingsman being his baby and he won’t jeopardise it with a crap idea. So it depends what occurs, and whether it feels right to him, but I don’t think for a second that either he or myself, the lovely people at Fox and whoever else is interested in Kingsman, wouldn’t completely love it if this is a continuing series.”

“I remember when we finished the first one I was like, ‘This is a franchise right?’ and [Vaughn] said, ‘Well it depends on the first one. I’m not doing it unless the script is right.’ He went away and him and Jane Goldman, his writing partner, wrote a really bloody good script. That’s always the most important thing; good director, good script, you’re on your way. It was hard, it was a tough shoot, it always is on that thing, but I think it’s gonna be amazing.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service, 20th Century Fox
Image: 20th Century Fox

Kingsman: The Golden Circle stars Taron Egerton (Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin), Julianne Moore (Poppy), Colin Firth (Harry Hart), Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal (Jack Daniels), Mark Strong (Merlin), Halley Berry (Ginger), Vinnie Jones, and Sophie Cookson (Roxy). It is directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on October 6.

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