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‘Arrival’ Writer says He’s Written a Script for the Valiant Character ‘Bloodshot’

Bloodshot, Valiant Comics

Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer says that he’s written a Bloodshot screenplay for Valiant. This is big news for comic fans, and could bring the Valiant catalog of characters to the big screen, and expose them to a greater audience. Heisserer says:

I’m actually really excited about Bloodshot. I’ve done some work…in fact, I’ve just turned in a draft with a director attached and I’m very excited to see if that moves the needle at Sony. But he’s such a fascinating character in his own right. From Harbinger, Faith is such a remarkable and fresh character. I had such fun writing her. If I ever felt a little inundated or overwhelmed by the work I had to do on Harbinger, I’d just pick up an issue of Jody Houser’s Faith title and I’d read some pages and get excited again.

Bloodshot, Valiant Comics
Image: Valiant Comics

Heisserer says that in order for these films to be successful, the studio needs to find a way to make the characters distinctly different from Marvel or DC characters. He says that the Valiant films should not focus solely on creating a greater universe, rather they should just concentrate on making good films. This is something that Marvel did originally. They only put slight nods to the greater MCU in the early films they made. Heisserer says:

The biggest hurdle is to make sure you’re creating a world and you’re creating characters that feel distinctly different from a Marvel movie or a DC movie. They have to occupy their own space. They can’t feel like a carbon copy of something that has come before them. The good news is that these characters are different in their own rights. You just have to find that and embrace it and make sure that you’re doing something that looks and feels new.

Beyond that, I don’t worry too much about shared universes or setting up sequels or anything like that. The goal with each of these films is to make great stories in their own right that stand on their own with a beginning, middle, or end. If we are so privileged and honored as to come back and revisit them later, assuming the public likes them, than great. We’ll find a way to make another story. At this point in time, it’s just about doing justice to these characters in the time we have.

Could this be the big break Valiant needs to crossover into films? Who would you want to be cast as Bloodshot?

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