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Killer Update on ‘X-Men: Supernova’ and ‘X-Men: New Mutants’

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It was recently announced that the next X-Men movie has the working title of ‘Supernova.’ The current rumor is that Simon Kinberg is set to direct the film, but according to Kinberg, it’s not set in stone that he will direct just yet. The studio is keeping any news about the plot of the film or its official title under wraps for now, but most seem to think that it will be a rehash of the Dark Phoenix story, one that was touched on during the events of X-Men Last Stand. Although Last Stand is considered the worst X-Men movie (behind Wolverine: Origins), the direction that the new franchise is moving in shows some promise.

Kinberg says that the film is in prep, and basically indirectly confirms that they are looking at the Dark Phoenix story again with this long answer:

“We can’t confirm what the next movie will be, but I can talk a little about, frankly, what I would do differently if I were to make X-Men: The Last Stand again, which had the Dark Phoenix storyline.

I think the big mistake we made with that movie – and if anybody is to blame for it it’s the writer, and I was one of them – it’s that we made the Dark Phoenix the subplot of that film, instead of making it the main plot.

The Dark Phoenix story is the biggest, and in many ways the most epic, saga of the X-Men comics, so you can’t make that the B-plot of the movie. If we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to re-tell that story – and certainly, what we did with the end of Days of Future Past gave us the opportunity to re-tell it – I think we all would want to give it the justice and the space to breath that it deserves.”

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As for the New Mutants movie, Kinberg says that it is aiming to begin pre-production sometime mid-year. In an interview with Collider, Kinberg says that director Josh Boone is polishing the script and will hopefully have them a finished draft soon. The current plan is to make the film during late Spring/ early Summer this year, and have it hit theaters sometime next year.

Would you like to see them revisit the Dark Phoenix storyline in the films, or choose another direction to move in?

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