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‘X-Men: Supernova’ R-Rating Possibilities, and Official Film Title

X-Men: Apocalypse, 20th Century Fox

Deadpool and Logan have seen recent success carrying an R-rating. Does that mean we could see more superhero films look in this direction? It is doubtful that Disney will allow Marvel to produce R-rated films, but other studios are entertaining this idea. With Twentieth Century Fox hosting both successful R-rated superhero films, could the rest of the X-Men universe follow suit?

According to series producer Simon Kinberg, this will not be the case. He says that each film’s ratings are based on the story that is being told. In an interview with Slashfilm, Kinberg says:

“I think that each movie, we figure out what the story is, then we figure out the requirements of the story, and if the requirements of the story are R-rated, it’s R-rated.

We don’t go into movies saying, this one’s gonna be R-rated, this one’s gonna be PG-13, we don’t make those decisions before we make the decisions of story. My instinct is that the Deadpool universe, which is Deadpool 2 and potentially X-Force, they require being R-rated, because that’s just Deadpool’s voice in the comic, and it’s Deadpool’s voice in the movie so far.

I think audiences would be disappointed if they got a PG-13 Deadpool movie. So my easy bet would be Deadpool 2 is R-rated and most movies within that sort of shared but separate universe would be likewise.”

The Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Comics
‘The Uncanny X-Men’. Image: Marvel Comics

Kinberg goes on to say that the next X-Men film will not be titled X-Men: Supernova, as previously thought. This is a code name, as has no official title yet:

“It’s not called Supernova. One of the things we do when we make these X-Men movies, to be totally candid, is – any of these movies, it’s on Star Wars, too – is you come up with fake names to throw people off the scent and when you’re out making the movie, the signs that show you where the locations are say Nova, or whatever the fake title is, and people figure it out, and I don’t even know why we do it anymore.

But at any rate, it’s not called Supernova. That was the code name for it. There’s yet another code name now. What I can tell you is that we’re in early stages of prep on it, and that it’s something that Hutch and I specifically have been talking about, as the producers of it and me as the writer of it, since post-production on Apocalypse, what the story would be and how would do something bold and radical and expand the universe in the same way that Logan feels bold and radical and certainly Deadpool does as well. And that’s where we are with it.”

Sophie Turner will return as a young Jean Grey in the next film, which is rumored to retell the Dark Phoenix saga from the comics. The film is shooting to begin filming in June.

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