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‘Iron Fist’ Star Finn Jones Talks About the Harsh Criticisms the Show is Receiving

Iron Fist, Netflix

Last week, reviews for Netflix’s newest show Iron Fist were dismal, and the show looks to tank before its release. Netflix has yet to go into damage control, with the show not stopping promotion for its Netflix release this Friday. Iron Fist might be a show that is doomed from the start, and the main reason for this is the casting of a white lead.

It must be noted that in the comics Iron Fist is a white guy, but some were wanting Marvel to add diversity to their big screen characters, altering Danny Rands race to Asian. This didn’t happen, because the show technically isn’t whitewashing. Should Danny Rand be Asian? I don’t think so. I am in support of translating the characters as they are. Finn Jones, the shows star, isn’t taking the harsh criticisms lightly. He has responded a few times to the critics. In a recent interview with Radio Times, he has a somewhat relevant excuse why the critics don’t like the show:

“I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show. I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the US.

We filmed the show way before Trump’s election, and I think it’s very interesting to see how that perception, now that Trump’s in power, how it makes it very difficult to root for someone coming from white privilege, when that archetype is public enemy number one.

Danny is a fish out of water, and you don’t really understand where he’s coming from. But I think there’s also a level of intrigue. People need to see the full series – ‘Iron Fist’ doesn’t end until the last episode of ‘Defenders.’ He really goes on a journey of self-discovery, and grows into the role. It’s paced out; it’s a long journey.”

Iron Fist, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Jones also talked Vulture about having to defend the show and his character since he was cast. Although the interview is a bit old, it is still relevant:

“There’s so much outrage in the internet these days, right? Why don’t people just – look, the issue is that people are judging before they’ve even seen the show. And that’s problematic. C’mon. Don’t get angry and start a mob when you don’t even — you haven’t even seen the show! You don’t even know what we’re doing with it. It’s unjust. It’s unfair.

Whatever issues they have may be true of the comic books; it was written in the ’70s. It was a very different time to where we’re at now. Very, very different. I get it. There needs to be more diversity in film and television, in all fucking aspects of life. There needs to be more diversity, period. Unfortunately, this show was picked, for whatever reason. I don’t fully understand, really, but what I say is, Watch the show. Watch the show, then make your opinions.

Netflix and Marvel are two of the most forward-thinking entertainment distributors out at the moment. They’re making very good choices, especially when it comes to diversity. And they’re not f–king this up. They know exactly what they’re doing.

The story we’re telling — people are going to be surprised at how we are going to handle this. To be honest, this is one of the most diverse shows I’ve ever worked on. It’s got an amazing cast from all different backgrounds, playing all different types of roles. I think as soon as the show comes out, all of that conversation will be completely muted, straight away.”

Iron Fist hit Netflix this Friday.

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