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Skynet is Down: Paramount Pictures Drops the Rights to ‘Terminator Genisys’

Terminator Genisys, Skydance Pictures

Bad news has come down for fans of Terminator. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger reported last year that a sequel to Terminator Genisys was on the way, it seems as though those hopes have been dashed. According to a new report, Paramount Pictures has declined to pick up options for the stars from Genisys. 

This news comes from the New York Daily News, stating that Paramount pulled the film (that was to begin shooting this year) from its schedule. According to the source, the studio is washing their hands of the franchise:

“It is over for The Terminator and Arnold. The studio has taken the sequel off the production slate completely, meaning there is no pre-production or any plans for another sequel. The talent had been offered long-term deals, but this is not happening. The Genisys movie was seen as a way of reviving (the franchise), but the critics were not happy and somehow the studio bosses fell out of love with making more, even though they made huge profits.”

Terminator Genisys, Skydance Pictures
Image: Skydance Pictures

This comes as no surprise, because Terminator Genisys  garnered horrible reviews and didn’t fair better at the box office. Skydance Pictures now owns the rights to the franchise, but the rights will revert to James Cameron in 2019. Earlier this year, news hit that Cameron and David Ellison (Skydance Pictures) were working with Deadpool  director Tim Miller on finding a way to continue the franchise.

This doesn’t mean that there will be a new film, but it does mean that the chance is still there. Cameron previously stated that he would only make the film if the script was right. The franchise would need a major overhaul. The biggest criticism of Terminator Genisys was that the was weak and didn’t make sense.

How would you fix the Terminator franchise?

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