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Trailer: ‘Justice League’ Unites the Worlds Greatest Superfriends Against the Armies of Apokalips

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures

The wait is finally over. Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers drop the first official trailer for the big DC team-up, Justice League. The trailer looks amazing. This is the first footage that we have gotten since the Comic-Con footage released this summer. This trailer gives us more of the heroes in action, and I have to admit, it looks great.  Some of the big things to note in the trailer: Aquaman wields his trident, The Flash will move faster than we have ever seen him move in the past, and the tag-team-fighting style will help Justice League stand out among the lackluster titles DC has released.

Check out the trailer below:

A lot of this trailer appears to be flashbacks, but each character introduction is great, with Cyborg getting the biggest cut of time to establish a lesser-known hero for people to get familiar with. His outfit looks a lot better than it has in earlier shots. The cyborg parts feel foreign and intricate.

I like how Barry Allen (The Flash) refers to Bruce Wayne as ‘The Batman’ instead of just Batman. It makes him feel like more of a myth, rather than just a rich guy in a suit. The trailer even takes a stab at this when Bruce is asked what his superpower is, and he says that he’s rich. It is a dynamic that we didn’t know would exist. The entire team looks to doubt Batman’s role among other Meta-humans by everyone except Diana. Even Arthur Curry (Aquaman) take a jab at Batman in the final seconds.  in what is the funniest joke of the entire trailer.

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures
Image: Warner Brothers Pictures

One of the biggest hurdles that Snyder and crew had in front of them was making Aquaman something more than a joke on the big screen, which is basically what he has been in most big and small screen adaptations in the past. Aquaman comes off as more of a tank-style character, that will come with just as much sarcasm and brawn. I love the character shift, and the dynamic of the entire team.

Justice League feels right. The grit works here, and doesn’t seem forced. It allows Snyder’s vision to thrive, and not seem like a forced aesthetic. Batman’s ‘Knightmare’ from Batman v Superman is beginning to come true, does that mean that the real villain of this film might be Superman?

sJustice League hits theaters on November 17.

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