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Marvel Producers Talk the Future of ‘Spider-Man’ in the MCU After ‘Homecoming’

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A few months ago, a few media outlets were allowed to visit the set of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. This morning the boycott ended, and reports began to hit the internet. A few of the reports clarify Marvel’s intentions with the web-slinger moving forward after Homecoming.

According to Producer Eric Carroll, the plan is to keep Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in High School for the span of three films. These will each represent the remaining years Parker has left in school. After Homecoming, Marvel will consider Spider-Man films one of theirs, and will leave dates open in their schedule for future Spidey films:

“Going forward we would definitely treat them all as the same slate. So we would be as strategic about where future Spider-Man movies fall in the MCU of it all as we would if Sony weren’t involved, because there’s nothing in it for us or Sony to put a movie out at the wrong time or start confusing the continuity.”

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Image: Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

Carroll goes on to say that Homecoming will try to skirt around re-hashing previous storylines and characters from past Spider-Man films:

“We want to tread lightly with what’s been done in the past films as far as The Osbornes and things like that. So I don’t think we’re going directly down that route. We figured honestly if there was a way to do this movie without mentioning anyone who has been in past films, with the exception of staples like Flash Thompson and Aunt May, that might be a good thing to do.”

Producer Amy Pascal also commented on Marvel’s future with Spider-Man:

“I think we found the right formula and I think everybody is going to want the right thing to continue. And I think that there’s a surprisingly generous and cooperative thing and if it works, then it’s going to work for everybody.”

Homecoming will also have flashbacks from right after the Battle of New York and the events of the first Avengers film. Michael Keaton says that his version of The Vulture will see himself as a victim, and just wants a chance at “the good life.” Peter Parker’s suit will come with a number of upgrades provided by Tony Stark, some of which include a spider UAV that detaches from the emblem on Parker’s chest and even his own version of JARVIS. Is this how Marvel is planning on explaining Spider-Man’s spider sense? Lets hope not.

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Image: Entertainment Weekly

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7.

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