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Oh, Praise the Gods! The First Trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is Finally Here!

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios

Can you even begin to contain all of your excitement?! The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is here and it looks great. You can tell that James Gunn’s time on set, and his Guardians of the Galaxy influence was not wasted. It has brought color to the Marvel cosmic universe and looks to give the Thor movies a breath of fresh air. We will get into the trailer more after the jump. For now, just check out the first incredible trailer for Thor: Ragnarok below:

Thor is not in a good place in Ragnarok. The beginning of the trailer sets the stage perfectly, as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gives the best trailer introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We quickly are taken to the first time that Thor faces off against Hela (Cate Blanchett), and she quickly destroys Thor’s famous Mjolnir. (Don’t get too disappointed, because this has happened in the comics a few times.) We then see Hela attacking Asgard and appearing to wipe it out. We then see Valkyrie snag Thor and put him into the gladiatorial arena on Sakaar. (More on that in a minute.)

We get our first glimpse of Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, the Ruler of Sakaar, a few clips of Skurge (Keith Urban), and even Heimdall as he fights off Hela’s forces. Apparently he looks like he is on the run. About Skurge, we don’t know if we will get Skurge as the villain, or Skurge redeeming himself to help the heroes. I am leaning towards the latter. I believe Heimdall’s role in this film will be bigger than we think, I have a theory you can read at the link here.

We get the Grandmaster again, as he introduces the main event match between Thor and……The Hulk! This is the funniest bit from the trailer, as Thor proclaims, “YES! We know each other, he’s a friend from work!” Hulk’s reaction shows that he doesn’t remember Thor or is brainwashed, either way this will be one hell of a fight!

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios
Image: Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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