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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Adapt Robert Kirkman’s ‘Invincible’ Comic

Invincible, Skybound Entertainment

Robert Kirkman’s track record with live-action adaptation has worked out pretty well so far. With AMC and The Walking Dead, he basically hit one out of the park on his first try. It looks like his next at bat will be with the superhero comic Invincible. The Image brand comic book series Invincible was started by Kirkman and artist Cory Walker back in 2002. Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Comic will be adapted and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson, the half-human son of Omni-man, an alien and the earth’s greatest superhero. As a teenager, Mark inherits his powers from his father and tries to become the world’s newest superhero. He looks up to his father as the shining example to follow but soon learns that the universe and his father’s past is much darker and more complicated than he ever could have guessed. His super powers pretty much make him like Superman and world of heroes around him is just as big and diverse as the Marvel or DC universes.

The rumors of a live-action adaptation have been circling Kirkman and this series ever since The Walking Dead became so successful. Meanwhile, Kirkman has always said that he was just waiting for the right team to partner up with. More recently, it looks like that rumors are becoming a reality as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have signed on to produce, write and direct the adaptation. The last time the duo dipped their toes into the superhero world it resulted in The Green Hornet, which is not looked back on very fondly. However, since that time Goldberg and Rogen have shown their growth in talent and scale with the film This is the End and the television adaptation of the comic book series Preacher.

Invincible, Skybound Entertainment
Image: Skybound Entertainment

This would no-doubt be one of the largest scale superhero productions ever attempted outside of Marvel or DC. Those big two have unquestionably dominated the superhero landscape for many years now. The media have wondered if audiences are starting to give up on superhero franchises. The brand new world of Invincible and all the heroes he would bring along just might be exactly what we need to kick-start the next generation of superhero films. Rogen and Goldberg’s addition is just the first step for this movie getting made, and there’s no word on how long it will be before things really get rolling.

There is no timeline for Invincible at the present time.

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