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Captain America is Ready to Take Over the World in Marvel’s ‘Secret Empire’

Secret Empire, Marvel Comics

Starting this week Marvel comics is gearing up for their next big event, Secret Empire, and this one features one of the most evil villains they’ve ever had: Captain America. If you haven’t been paying attention to the recent Marvel comics then you might think that sounds a little crazy, but stay with me.

In the summer of last year, Steve Rogers was no longer Captain America. The Falcon, Sam Wilson, had been passed the mantle of Cap and Steve Rogers was a senior citizen. He had been drained of his super soldier formula and his body had started to catch up to his actual geriatric age. Then, suddenly, Steve Rogers was reborn. Remember the cosmic cube from the first Avengers movie? This time it has bonded itself to the body of a girl named Kubik. It gave her great power over space and time, but unfortunately she fell under the influence of the Red Skull. He convinced her to alter the past and the current Steve Rogers making him young again, but now a double agent for the evil organization called Hydra.

Captain America, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

altered history to make Rogers a double agent even before he got his super soldier formula injected. Since then, Rogers has resumed the mantle of Captain America and started influencing the Marvel universe according to his master plan. He’s murdered former allies and struck down any one that stood in the way of his plans. Just a couple weeks ago, Rogers actually turned on his new leader, the Red Skull, and killed him because he believed the Skull was standing in the way of Hydra’s true success.

Rogers has set himself up as the leader of both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. in his bid to put Hydra in control of the world. To say the least, this caused some waves among the Marvel fan base. A lot of fans have expressed their problems with the epitome of American heroism being turned into the ultimate traitor. However you feel about it, Steve Rogers is currently an agent of Hydra, and in the upcoming massive Marvel crossover event, Secret Empire, he’s set to take over the world.

Secret Empire, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Secret Empire issue #0 drops on April 19, it is written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Steve McNiven. It will be the start of Hydra’s ultimate plan to tighten its grip over the Marvel universe. The main series is going to last 9 issues and crossover with different books all across the Marvel world. No one knows exactly what Steve Roger’s final endgame is or how the fallout will affect the Marvel world of superheroes, but it’s safe to say that it won’t be good for our heroes.

How will they all react to being betrayed by their most trusted ally? Will we see this ever play out on the big screen someday? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Avengers, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

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