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3 ‘Iron Fist’ Stories That Can Fix His Horrible Television Reputation

Iron Fist, Marvel Comics

The reviews for Netflix’s Iron Fist series are not strong. You shouldn’t give up on the character of Danny Rand just yet though, because he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s will still be in The Defenders mini-series and, who knows, he might get a second season despite all the bad reviews out there. If you’re willing to give the hero another chance, then you’ll have to look somewhere other than the television show. You need to look to the comics that he comes from. Here are 3 stories worth checking out, if you want to get a real look at Iron Fist and see why he earned his own tv adaptation.

The Fury of Iron Fist/Heart of the Dragon

written by Roy Thomas and Len Wein, drawn by Gil Kane and Larry Hama

The Fury of Iron Fist/Heart of the Dragon, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

This is the origin story of Danny Rand and how he claims the title of the Iron Fist. This tales differs pretty significantly from the Netflix series’ take on his story. The story establishes a family legacy between the Rands and the Iron Fist legacy, something the tv show mostly ignores. We learn about the tragedy that led to Danny to K’un Lun, and the battle between Danny and a dragon that earned him the title of the Immortal Iron Fist. These stories are featured in the classic Marvel Premiere series #15 and #16.

The Last Iron Fist Story

written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction, drawn by David Aja and Travel Foreman

The Last Iron Fist Story, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

The legacy of Iron Fist has been hinted at, but was never really established until this story. It confirms the history of the former Iron Fist wielders, and tells that there are many more secret cities just like K’un Lun that were hidden away. This is the biggest world building story in the history of Iron Fist. It brings the character into the role as a protector of this realm, instead of just a street level hero. The Last Iron Fist Story establishes a new corner of the Marvel Universe that still is hardly explored. This storyline takes place in The Immortal Iron Fist #1-#7.

The Boys Are Back

written by David Walker, drawn by Sanford Greene

Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Luke Cage and Danny Rand are the best buddy team-up pair in the Marvel Universe. You would be hard pressed to find two people from more different backgrounds, but they became best friends through all the adventures they’ve had together. Power Man and Danny Rand ran together for years. This story is one of the most modern takes on the duo. After being on various incarnations of The Avengers (and saving the world), their bro-mance is re-ignited as the two heroes are sent back to their street crime basics. It’s a buddy comedy with kung-fu fighting and big-hitting action. This story was printed in Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) #1-#5.

The Immortal Iron Fist has a wide and compelling history in the comics. Let’s hope the poor reviews for the Netflix series don’t hurt his chances of getting more time on our television screens. It would be a shame to see a character with so much potential, get discarded.

Iron Fist, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

What are your favorite Iron Fist tales? What are some things that the Netflix series could do better? Let us know in the comments below!

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