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The Comic Book Pull List April 25: Here’s What You Need This Week

X-Men Gold #2, Marvel Comics

As always, Wednesday is new comic book day, and it’s never easy to pick out what comics are worth picking up. Here are some recommendations to help you out on your journey.

Black Panther #13

written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Wilfredo Torres

Black Panther #13, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

This is the start of a brand new storyline, so it’s perfect if you’re interested in digging into the new Black Panther world. Before the country of Wakanda even existed, there were a pantheon of gods and goddesses that forged the world people know today. Today, as Wakanda burns, they remain silent. While her people face disaster, those Wakandan gods are absent. T’Challa, the king of Wakanda and the bearer of the title of Black Panther intends to find out where they have gone.

Detective Comics #955

written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Marcio Takara

Detective Comics #955, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

This is part 5 on of ongoing comic storyline, but this is an issue I’ve been looking forward to. Cassandra Cain, former Batgirl and now Orphan, is the only member of the Bat-family left in fighting shape. The League of Shadows wants to destroy Gotham and Cassandra is the only one standing in their way. It is set to be her greatest battle and promises an astonishing fighting sequence. You won’t need much context to enjoy this action.

The Flash #21

written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Howard Porter

The Flash #21, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Part two of The Button comic crossover between Batman and The Flash. This crossover is laying the groundwork for some big reveals in the DCU. Last week, Batman was laid low by the Reverse Flash and now Barry Allen has arrived to help The Dark Knight figure out the mystery behind that blood stained smiley-face button. It is an investigation that reaches across time and throughout the DC Comic Universe.

Unfollow #18

written by Rob Williams and drawn by Michael Dowling

Unfolllow, Vertigo Comics
Image: Vertigo Comics

If you haven’t been following this series, you have really been missing something special in this comic. It all started when Larry Ferrell, the terminally ill social media master, promised that after his death his billion dollar fortune would be distributed to 140 seemingly average people from all walks of life. The twist was that if anyone of the 140 dies, then the rest get a bigger slice of the pie. This led to an all-out fight to the death spanning the globe. #18 is the final issue in the series and it promises to be a deadly climax.

X-Men Gold #2

written by Marc Guggenheim and drawn by Ardian Syaf

X-Men Gold #2, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

This issue of the revived X-Men Gold series is coming out under the shadow of some controversy. The artist, Ardian Syaf, has come under fire for hiding some incendiary political Easter eggs in the first issue and has since been fired by Marvel Comics. This issue will be some of the last work by Syaf for Marvel Comics. Despite the storm of controversy, it’s still worth picking up. This newly-formed team of classic X-Men are taking on an all-new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and it promises to be a surprising fight.

Black Widow Vol. 2 No More Secrets

written by Mark Waid and drawn by Chris Samnee

Black Widow Vol. 2, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

For those of you more interested in saving your hard-earned cash for trade paperbacks over single issues, I would recommend this volume of the stunning Black Widow series, brought to you by Marvel Comics. After betraying S.H.I.E.L.D., Natasha is still on the run, not just from them but also her past. The Red Room is the place where the Black Widow was born and now, years later, it has been reborn as the Dark Room with a whole new set of recruits. Natasha must find a way to weave a web through old enemies, former allies, and a plot to kill thousands. This short-lived series was a stellar example of a proper action espionage story. This trade collects issues #7-#12 and I would urge you to seek out the first volume as well.

What comic or comics are you reading right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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