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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Film Was NEVER Going to Happen

Alien, 20th Century Fox

According to Ridley Scott, Neill Blomkamp’s Aliens film was not even close to happening. The only Alien films being made are ones that Scott himself is working on. Fans of the direction of Blomkamp’s vision will be disappointed, as some of his ideas brought the franchise back to its roots.

In an interview with AllocineRidley Scott was asked if Blomkamp’s Alien 5 will ever happen, and his answer was brief but poignant, “I don’t think so, no.” This is a clear statement that Scott will be the only director controlling where the Alien franchise goes in the foreseeable future. Scott goes on to talk about where Blomkamp’s idea was at:

“There was never a script. It was an idea which was evolved on, I think, a ten-page pitch. And I was meant to be a producer on that, and it didn’t evolve. Fox decided that they didn’t want to do it. so that was it. I think I had already done Prometheus and I was already planning Covenant, so dunno.”

Alien, 20th Century Fox
Concept art from Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ movie. Image: 20th Century Fox

This doesn’t mean that fans should get depressed about the current track for the franchise. The first couple of trailers for Alien: Covenant look promising, but then again, so did the ones for Prometheus.

Fox is known for making bad decisions in the past, and this just seems like another great idea shot down way too early. The film could still rise from the ashes, but Scott says that the film’s chances are “slim”. If you are a fan of the Covenant trailers, and the film when it hits theaters, then you will rejoice. If Scott gives us another bad Alien film, Fox might want to give Blomkamp a call back.
You can check out the entire interview in the video below.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19.

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