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Comic Sleeper Hit of the Week: ‘Superman’ #22: Black Dawn (Spoiler Warning)

Superman Rebirth, DC Comics

The new Superman Rebirth series is very strong, but my favorite issues are the ones that focus on Superman the least. His supporting cast of Lois and their son, Jonathan are just too interesting for me to give Superman my attention. This is not a knock against the way they’ve written this version of Superman. I think in this series he is best when delivered in small doses. This issue focuses almost solely on Lois Lane, and it shows why this version of Lois is one of the best things to come out of DC Rebirth.

This is the third chapter of the ‘Black Dawn’ storyline. The guest star, Batman, has already gone missing. As we start this issue, Superman, Jonathan Kent (Superboy) and Damian Wayne (Robin) have also disappeared. Lois is left to survive on her own and figure out what exactly is going on with all those mysterious townsfolk. After cracking the surface of this town-wide conspiracy, Lois is ambushed in her own home and must take on these attackers all on her own. Ever since the first big storyline of Superman Rebirth, Lois has had access to the some of the toys from the Bat-Cave that they visited on the moon and she makes good use of them here.

Superman Rebirth, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Lois Lane is a super mom with no powers in a family full of people with all the powers. She must Die-Hard her way through these vastly more powerful enemies and find a way to get back to her family. This storyline started as a big team-up between two sets of superhero fathers and sons, but it has taken some interesting turns. This issue is a bit of a departure from the main storyline, but it’s so much fun that it doesn’t matter. This issue shows once again that the Superman villains need to learn that Lois Lane is much more than just Superman’s wife. This series throws a spotlight on her as often as it can, and it guarantees that I will keep picking this one up.

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