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Comic Sleeper Hit of the Week: ‘Superwoman’ #10: Rediscovery (Spoiler Alert)

Superwoman #10, DC Comics

I started reading the new Superwoman series when it started with the latest DC Rebirth. It was publicized as a version of Lois Lane as a superhero. I was intrigued by the first issue. When it showed the sudden death of Lois and the rise of Lana Lang as the one remaining Superwoman. I fell away from the storyline eventually because of so many comics and not enough cash, but I always intended on returning to it.

The tenth issue of the series is the start of a brand new story line under new series writer Kate Perkins. I saw it as a good point to jump back onboard and I was right. This issue shows Lana Lang at a low point, she has recently lost her powers in battle and is working on coping with this new status quo. The story starts with Lana in danger and then dives into a series of flashbacks that delve deeper into the back story of Lana’s self made family of John Henry Irons aka the superhero Steel and his niece Natasha.

Superwoman #8, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

It’s nice to see a superhero couple living well and getting along like Lana and John do. There is actually not a ton of action in this particular issue, but it is not lacking in quality story telling. Perkins script is able to get us into all three main characters while they try to help Lana deal with the trauma she is facing. Of course, by the end of the issue Superwoman regains her powers and sets off to face a new threat.

It’s not unexpected that she gets her powers back. With the groundwork laying done in this issue I’m excited to read the next one. A popular piece of advice about writing comics is to always remember that every comic book might be someone’s first comic book.  Superwoman #10 is a great example of that. Anyone could pick this issue up and identify with Lana Lang/Superwoman right away. You should check this one out.

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