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NBC Announces the Return of ‘Will & Grace’ and the Un-Cancellation of ‘Timeless’

Timeless, NBC

Ok, ok, calm down. Yes. Will & Grace is coming back for at least one revival season this Fall on NBC. The original plan was to have a ten-episode run, and then the network will see how the show performs. NBC then changed their tune and stated that the show will have a twelve-episode run instead of the previously announced ten. This is good news for fans of Will & Grace.

Earlier today, chairman Bob Greenblatt said that the revival may grow. In a statement to Deadline, he stated, “It’s possible. It’s my hope that we will have more than that.” Taken from a conference call with reporters on Sunday, the statement shows that NBC is eager to get the show back on air.

He also took a moment to talk about reversing the decision to cancel Timeless. He credits the fan outcry for saving the show, and allowing the show to return. Salke says,

“We love the show, we just said let’s figure out a way to bring it back. We proposed something, they accepted and 40 minutes later Shawn and Eric [showrunners Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke] were tweeting about it.”

Timeless, NBC
NBC’s newest show ‘Timeless’ will take you on a time traveling adventure, where anything is possible. Image: NBC

Timeless is aiming for a return to the small screen this spring or summer with a ten-episode run. They also said that the network hasn’t decided the fate of two of their other shows, Trial & Error and Chicago Justice. It appears that this news is still a few weeks away from announcement.

There is no better time to get into Timeless. The writers will bring their ‘A’ game for the new episodes, and the show is a delight already. The Smithsonian gave Timeless praise for its historical accuracy, and time travel man! Who doesn’t like a good time travel show?

It is time to get binge-watching!


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