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This is Why ‘Transformers 5’ Will be Better Than ‘Transformers 4’

Transformers: The Last Knight, Paramount Pictures

Transformers is not a franchise that is known for pleasing fans. Ever since the first film hit theaters, fans have been a slight bit more apprehensive about each subsequent sequel that drops. Transformers has become an example about how Hollywood is all about explosions and action, and less about storyline and characterization.

The films are simple popcorn fodder, but don’t expect an Oscar-worthy performance from start to end credits. This hasn’t stopped the franchise from being successful. Fans continue to pack into theaters hoping that the franchise will redeem itself.

After a fourth film that was confusing and unsure of the direction it wanted to go, Paramount formed a writers room that was determined to change this trend. The writers room wrote out the plot of the franchise for the next decade. The first film to come from the writer’s room is this summer’s Transformers: The Last Knight. The film looks to give fans the Transformers story they want.

Transformers: The Last Knight, Paramount Pictures
Image: Paramount Pictures

In an interview with Empire, Michael Bay says that The Last Knight will be the film that fans want:

“[Age of Extinction was] kind of an outlier. Because of losing Shia and just figuring out where we were gonna go. It was testing the waters a little bit. This gets us back in the groove.”

With John Turturro and Dosh Duhamel returning for The Last Knight, this film definitely has the star power. Some of the participants in the writer’s room said that having Bay on hand meant that things happened quickly. Co-Writer Ken Nolan said that when they wrote in an English castle-living character called Sir Edmund Burton and,

“we said, ‘He’s an Anthony Hopkins-type character’ and two days later Michael’s like, ‘So, we’ve got Anthony Hopkins.’… It’s good to be Bay, everybody says yes.”


The article goes on to confirm another Transformer. Cogman is a psychotic four-and-a-half-foot robot butler. He is Steven Spielberg’s favorite. Check out the teaser for the final trailer (which drops tomorrow) below:

Do you think that Transformers: The Last Knight will make you love TF movies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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