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The Story and Details that Made ‘Logan’ Frozen Fight Scene Amazing

Logan, 20th Century Fox

There are many reasons that James Mangold’s Logan is a work of art. You could cite the look of the film, the action, or the riveting plot as all reasons fans loved the film. For me, it is the details that went into the film that made it look and feel authentic. It felt just as old as the characters contained within. The violence in the film is primal, and feels that it exists in necessity rather than for visual stimulus. It’s raw and untethered. One of the most-brutal scenes was when Charles Xavier has his psychic episodes. The attention to detail in these scenes and others is what makes Logan an instant classic.

The clip from Logan is featured on the Blu-ray that drops in stores today, and it is brilliant. It talks about one psychic attack scene from the film that shows Logan slaughtering a team from Alkali-Transigen as they were trying to capture X23 from Xavier and Logan. Why do these breaks happen, and what is exactly happening to everyone when they freeze? This clip talks about all of that and more. They don’t leave out a single gruesome detail. Below is the scene in question, but you will have to get the Blu-ray to see the extras.

20th Century Fox has released the details for the Blu-ray and home media release of Logan.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings Hugh Jackman’s celebrated seventeen-year run as Wolverine to a close when the box office phenomenon Logan arrives on Digital HD on May 16 and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD May 23. Sir Patrick Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies, The Office), Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) and newcomer Dafne Keen join Jackman in the iconic character’s final chapter, directed by James Mangold (The Wolverine, Walk the Line).

Logan, 20th Century Fox
Image: 20th Century Fox

Logan hit Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD today. You can also get the film in Digital HD.

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