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Comic Book Pull List May 24: Here’s What You Need to Pick Up This Week

Unworthy Thor #1 TPB, Marvel Comics

In the U.S., Wednesday is new comic book day and it’s never easy to just know what comics are worth checking out. Here are some of my recommendations to help you out.

Detective Comics #957

written by James Tynion IV & Genevieve Valentine and drawn by Carmen Carnero

Detective Comics #957, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Stephanie Brown has been the Spoiler, a Robin, and a Batgirl. Now she has made the decision that the real problem in Gotham City is all the costumes. In this issue, Brown deals with the fact that she must stop The Wraith, before her attention can shift to the costumes. She refuses to let Batman risk more lives to stop Wraith, so she must find a way to do it on her own. 

X-Men Blue #4

written by Cullen Bunn and drawn Jorge Molina

X-Men Blue, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

It is the return of a classic X-Men comic book character, sort of. The son of the Wolverine from the Ultimate universe, Jimmy Hudson, has resurfaced on Earth and he has a run-in with the time-displaced X-Men team from the past. It is shaping up to be a re-teaming of a classic X-Men lineup with these all-new versions of the characters.

Saucer State  #1

written by Paul Cornell and drawn by Ryan  Kelly

Saucer State, IDW Publishing
Image: IDW Publishing

Saucer State is the sequel series to Saucer County. She was once abducted now by aliens, and now she has become the President of the United States. She’s going to use her new power to find out what really happened and what those aliens are up to. It’s being called House of Cards meets the The X-Files. The previous series was nominated for SF’s Hugo Award, so this one is definitely worth checking out.

I Am Groot #1

written by Christopher Hastings and drawn by Flaviano

I am Groot #1, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Groot is cut off from his team of Guardians and stranded on a strange new planet. He’s got nothing but his wits and stems to find his way back home. Thanks to the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy comics are hitting the stands like crazy right now, and this one looks like the cutest adventure for the team’s most adorable member. It is definitely a comic book series you don’t want to miss.

Wonder Woman #23

written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Liam Sharp

Wonder Woman, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Greg Rucka’s term on Wonder Woman is coming to an end with comic book issue #25. He’s tying up the strings of the story that he started back in the first issues of Wonder Woman’s rebirth. It’s time to learn the truth of her origins. This whole run has been about discovering the real mythology of Diana and this issue promises to close that loop.

Unworthy Thor

written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Olivier Copiel

Unworthy Thor #1 TPB, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

The Odinson has been deemed unworthy to wield the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir. Now he just carries the axe of his youth and flies on the back of magical goats. That is, until a new hammer reveals itself. The hammer of the Ultimate Thor resides in Asgard. The bad news is Odinson isn’t the only one going after it. He’ll have to take on the Collector and the forces of Thanos to reach the hammer first. This mini-series and Jason Aaron’s work on Thor continues to be the best stories told about the Son of Odin in years. This trade paperback collects issues #1-#5.

The Dying and The Dead TPB

written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Ryan Bodenheim

The Dying and The Dead TPB, Image Comics
Image: Image Comics

This is a bit of an odd duck because it only collects three comic book issues, and it drops the same day as the fourth issue of the series. It’s a good opportunity for new readers to get into The Dying and The Dead. The Dying and the Dead follows a group of heroes who thought their days of adventuring were far behind them, until new forces of evil rise up again. The Greatest Generation must pick themselves up and pull it together for one more mission. There are secrets revealed, twists and turns, and the opportunity to save a dying loved one. This series is an interesting one, and written by one of the masters of off-the-wall stories.

What books are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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