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Finn Jones Says Classic ‘Iron Fist’ Costume Will Appear in Season 2

Iron Fist, Netflix

Netflix is churning full-steam-ahead with its Marvel Universe. Just because Iron Fist didn’t get the reception that they were aiming for, it doesn’t mean that they are abandoning the property quite yet. During a recent panel at Comicpalooza 2017, Iron Fist star Finn Jones says that Season 2 will feature the classic Iron Fist costume from the comics.

According to Jones He is gunning for an adaptation as close to the original costume as possible:

I think moving forward to Season 2, we’ll see something like that [the classic costume]. Personally I hope we get the wispy kind of ripples at the back of the mask. That’s a super cool effect. I think it would actually be annoying, the logistics of it but I think it would look really cool.

Iron Fist, Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Before we see Finn Jones return in Iron Fist season 2, we will see him team up with the rest of the street-level Marvel heroes in The Defenders. Jones took a minute to talk about his character meeting up with Power Man himself, Luke Cage:

It’s really interesting how we meet the first time. Without spoiling too much, at first we don’t see eye to eye. We come from very different backgrounds. And we kind of question each other’s ethics especially Luke to Danny. Danny is super hot-headed. Always the first to jump the gun and be very reckless. And Luke is kind of there to settle me down a little bit. So I kind of see Luke as the coach to Danny.

News has also hit saying that Danny Rand will not be as naive in the second season as he was in the first. The report hints that after The Defenders, Danny Rand will begin to grow up mentally. This will relieve critics, who felt that Rand’s child-like mind was distracting during the first season of the show.


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