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New Rumors for ‘The Batman’ Say the Film Will Have Multiple Villains

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The newest batch of rumors for the standalone DCEU Batman film The Batman say that a few villains are coming to the film, not just one central villain. The rumor comes from the Reddit sub community, so be cautious, and take this rumor with a large grain of salt. Hell, just have the whole shaker.

According to a post from Reddit user WBUT7, via DCEULeaks and Screen RantThe Batman will not feature just Deathstroke. Deadthstroke will be joined by Scarecrow and The Joker. Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello are currently attached to the roles of The Joker and Deathstroke respectively. This wouldn’t be all of the villains int he film though. Other potential villains will also show up in film in cameos. The rumor states that the film is still in its early stages:

“No work has been commissioned on this movie. Apparently, Matt Reeves has yet to even start on this and has to fulfil his commitment to ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ before working with Ben Affleck.

Although there have been rumours of the script being thrown out, there have been rumours around the executives that Matt Reeves wants to incorporate many Batman villains. These villains will include Deathstroke, Joker, and Scarecrow. The studio has already been working on Deathstroke (obviously) and has mockups of a potential new Scarecrow.”

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Ben Affleck was one of the best live-action Batmen. How much will we see him in ‘Suicide Squad’? Image: Warner Brothers Pictures

This means that The Batman might be full of villains, and not just have one single protagonist. How do you begin to balance all of these villains, when so many films have failed at this before? With the reception of Leto’s Joker being so negative, would the studio consider bringing the actor back for The Batman? The next time Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear is in Justice League. There is no apparent release date for The Batman, although DC and Warner Brothers are keen to get the film started. The production and script are waiting for director Matt Reeves.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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