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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Featurette is All About the Film’s Villain, The Vulture

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony Pictures/ Marvel Studios

We are only one week away from the next big Marvel movie. Actually, it is a Sony Pictures film. The studio finally realized they were ruining Spider-Man and let Marvel take over. Today brought us a new featurette that is all about the main villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Vulture

Does Miles Morales Have a Cameo in Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?

Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel Studios

Tom Holland has already won fans over with the best performance as Peter Parker and Spider-Man that we have ever seen. With just one week away from the theatrical debut of Spider-Man: Homecoming, a lot of new details about the film are beginning to emerge. Kevin Feige has been out doing

Don’t Expect to See Norman or Harry Osborn in the ‘Spider-Man’ Universe Anytime Soon

Kevin Feige is racking up the quotes today, as he is out doing press rounds for the Sony/ Marvel collaboration Spider-Man: Homecoming. According to Feige, don't expect Marvel to bring characters from the old Spider-Man films into the new movies. According to Feige, Marvel is not wanting to bring any characters from the

Comic Book Pull List June 28: I Know What I’m Getting This Week

Wonder Woman #25, DC Comics

Wednesday is new comic book day and it’s never easy to pick out what comic books are worth picking up. Here are some recommendations to help you out. Saga #44 written by Brian K. Vaughn & and drawn by Fiona Staples There's hardly been anything released about most of the issues of

Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ Will Be a Character-Driven Noir Superhero Film

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures

Director Matt Reeves is out doing press rounds for War for the Planet of the Apes.  He was asked about his next film, The Batman. Reeves let out a few interesting things about the DC film, including what tone he will shoot for. If everything goes as planned, filming for The Batman should begin

First Images of Iron Man’s New Suit in ‘Infinity War’, and Spider-Man’s Status in ‘Avengers 3’

Avengers, Marvel Studios

The newest version of the obsessive Tony Stark's Iron Man armor has been spotted on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. It isn't the complete armor, but it is a top half of the armor. It is a good look at the new design. The design is sleeker, and extremely streamlined.

Mark Wahlberg Calls Michael Bay’s Bluff About Leaving ‘Transformers’ After ‘The Last Knight’

Transformers: The Last Knight,

The Transformers franchise will take a huge hit after Transformers: The Last Knight. Both director Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg have said that this film will be their last. Bay is no stranger to attempting to leave the franchise, but this is the first time that Wahlberg has expressed his intentions to depart. In

Marvel: First Official Appearance of Peter Parker in the MCU Confirmed, No It’s not ‘Civil War’

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel Studios

For the better part of the last decade, an interesting fan theory says that the Peter Parker appeared in Iron Man 2. If you were one of those that believed this could happen, then you would be right, it has just been confirmed. The first official appearance of Peter Parker in the

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Changing a Big ‘Star Trek’ Rule Gene Roddenberry Made

Star Trek: Discovery, CBS/ Netflix

Like all franchises, there are certain rules to the Star Trek universe that dictate the nature of the property and keep it the way that fans want. Unfortunately one big rule implemented by creator Gene Roddenberry is about to get thrown in the trash. Star Trek: Discovery is throwing out the long-standing rule to avoid