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Comic Book Sleeper Hit of the Week: Romulus #4 (Spoilers)

Romulus, Top Cow

This Top Cow series has flown somewhat under the radar. It centers around the story of a hidden order that has existed in secret for many years. We’re following the tale of Ashlar and Nicholas as they try to take on the massive secret society known as the order of Romulus. Ashlar’s mother betrayed the order of Romulus years ago and died defending her daughter. This has put Ashlar on the run and looking for a way to strike back at Romulus. In the early issues, she finds an ally in Nicholas. He is wanted by Romulus for his technical skills and genius.

This tale of revenge has only just begun and we are starting to meet all the players. This issue features Ashlar on a rescue mission to get Nicholas back from the forces of Romulus. The real strengths of the Romulus story are the artful staging of action sequences by Nelson Blake II and Bryan Edward Hill’s ability to forge new characters that we can become so easily attached to.

He doesn’t have the advantage of writing a character that we’ve all read for years. Romulus is all new world with an all new story. Blake’s artwork is at its best when the characters are on the move and/or throwing punches. At its heart, I think this series is a fun adventurous tale of swordplay and fisticuffs wrapped up in stark characters and a devilish conspiracy.

Ashlar fights with the weight of her mother’s sacrifice on her shoulders. She sees herself as the only one able of taking down the order. She is a lone wolf building her own pack to take on the secret society that seeks to take control of the world. I picked up the first issue of this series on a lark because the cover looked cool and I’m glad I did. I recommend picking up this issue and seeing if you want to keep following the adventures of Ashlar and Romulus.

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