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Comic Book Sleeper Hit of the Week: ‘Magnus’ #1 (Spoilers)

Magnus, Dynamite

The only history I knew about the name Magnus in comic books is the older series, Magnus: Robot Fighter. I was pretty surprised by the type of story told in this comic. This comic book ties in with another Dynamite printed book called The Sovereigns. I didn’t feel like I was left out by just reading this one, though. It opens up on a futuristic world where artificially intelligent beings are created, and have grown to the point where they are actually questioning their own existence.

The namesake of this series, Dr. Magnus, is a therapist that specializes in counseling these robotic beings and helping them cope with reality. In this universe, the robotic beings have their own cybernetic world where they can go and spend their time however they want. The A.I. are allowed to spend a certain amount of time there every day to help them manage the effects of the real world. Following the bloody death of two people at the hands of their automaton butler, the police come to Dr. Magnus for help. It turns out that she has some experience with hunting down rogue robotic life forms and bringing them in. The whole comic book feels sort of cyber punk mixed in with the psychological drama of sentient beings questioning the purpose of life.

Yes, I just described a comic with a therapist for robots that is also a bounty hunter in a digital world? The script by Kyle Higgins and the Jorge Fornes art style give this story a very sterile and near-dystopian vibe. A vibe that fits nicely into the world they’ve built. They’ve already shown that they are willing to take their time and show some silent moments with characters before things really begin to kick-off. This makes me look forward to issue number two. It promises that I will care more about these people when they are undoubtedly in danger in the future.

Magnus, Dynamite
Image: Dynamite

I gave the first issue of Magnus a shot mainly because I am a fan of the writer. The comic book covers looked interesting. I would suggest you pick this one up.

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