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Comic Book Sleeper Hit of the Week: Wonder Woman #24 (Spoiler Warning)

Wonder Woman, DC Comics

Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman has only one issue left. It’s been one for the ages and it could not have come at a better time. It was well-timed with the release of the Wonder Woman movie and any new fans that loved the film should pick up this run. The film has been doing quite well and I can only hope the comic and movie help each other. Rucka has reformed Diana’s origin story while also re-establishing her status-quo in the DC Universe. This latest series has also been a showcase for various artists that have worked on the book.

This latest issue feature the work of Bilquis Evely and brings an end to the ‘Godwatch’ story line. This story has been all about Diana’s relationships with the people around her. The biggest message delivered from everything that has happened is showing how much love Diana has for everyone, even those who wish to harm her. The character, Barbara Ann, or Cheetah is known to be destined as one of the biggest enemies of Wonder Woman, but at this juncture she is still coping with her transformation and mourning the loss of her humanity.

Wonder Woman, DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

The relationship between Cheetah and Diana is fascinatingly complicated. Diana loves her and still sees her as a possible friend or ally, but the rage within Cheetah makes that all but impossible. There is a battle between the two in this issue that is more about the trauma they have sustained rather than just punching each other. This story also works well by itself if you wanted to pick it up without having read the whole series.

They say you should write every issue of a comic book as if it could be someone’s first. Greg Rucka is a talented writer when it comes to making instantly relatable characters. This whole issue talks about how pain and suffering can affect people. How some cope with past trauma better than others.

It strikes a powerful message that Wonder Woman believes so strongly in forgiving or rehabilitating her foes and villains. It sets her apart from many of the other heroes in the DC world. The ‘Godwatch’ story line also makes a great case for Cheetah appearing in the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel. Superhero films have shown themselves to be lacking when it comes to character depth in their villains.

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