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‘Judge Dredd’ Television Series is Still ‘At Least Two Years Away’

Dredd, Reliance Entertainment

Recently, word came that instead of shooting for another feature film, Judge Dredd would be coming to television. The series is currently in the works and will be called Judge Dredd: Mega City One, and will at least use the comic of the same name as a template. Whether the series will be a faithful reproduction of the entire comic book storyline is still anyone’s guess, but it is a great start.

Producer Jason Kingsley recently talked about how production on the series is going to SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar). Although he said things are progressing, it will take some time to get the scope of the series set:

“Long-form storytelling makes showing Mega-City One and its inhabitants much easier. Trying to fit all of that into a two-hour movie is very hard. My best guess is that it’s at least two years away. But we’re so early in the process that things could happen a bit faster, or much more slowly.”

Judge Dredd, 2000AD Comics
Image: 2000AD Comics

Kingsley goes on to describe the tone of the show, which looks to have an expansive universe:

“Dark fantasy elements are one area that would be great to explore. The show will combine the macabre with the insane and the light-hearted. It’s a big place, after all, with 400 million stories to tell.”

Judge Dredd has had two films adapted from the comic book. The first one was 1995s Judge Dredd and featured Sylvester Stallone, while the second film (Dredd) came in 2012 and featured Karl Urban in the role. Fans want Urban to reprise the role for the television series. He was a perfect fit for the part. It is currently unknown if Urban is a potential candidate for the television role.

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