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‘Destiny 2’ Live-Action Trailer is Here and I Can’t Stand It!

Destiny 2, Bungie Studios

The newest trailer for Bungie's Destiny 2 is here and it is a live-action smorgasbord of awesomeness. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) and featuring what sounds like the voice of Nathan Fillion (Halo 5: Guardians, Firefly), this trailer isa two minutes of greatness. Bungie has always made awesome live-action trailers,

This Rumor Says the Joker Origin Movie Will Be a Dark Bully Film

The Killing Joke, DC Comics

Although it has been only a week, rumors are beginning to emerge about the Joker origin movie planned by Warner Bros. This rumor is one that comes from a very unlikely source, an MMA fighter-turned-actor. Take all of this with a grain of salt, as Warner Brothers just announced the film,

Why Did Anakin Skywalker Still Fall to the Dark Side After Padmé Died?

Star Wars, Lucasfilm

Every Star Wars fan knows the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker's story, his rise as Darth Vader, and his redemption while saving his son (Luke Skywalker) from the Emperor. One question that looms is, if Anakin Skywalker's intentions were to use the Dark Side of the Force to save Padmé from death, why

Ed Skrein Departs ‘Hellboy’ Reboot in the Face of Whitewashing Scandal

Ed Skrein, Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics

British actor Ed Skrein has left the Hellboy reboot after public outcry that his character and his casting was whitewashing. Skrein was cast as Major Ben Daimio, who in the novel B.P.R.D. is an asian character. The actor has decided to bow out of the role, allowing the production to correct this missed-step

‘Avengers 4’ Images Reveal Tech Upgrades in Wake of ‘Infinity War’

Avengers, Marvel Studios

SPOILER ALERT!! THERE ARE POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD FOR AVENGERS 4 New images surfaced from the set of Avengers 4 shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. The images show off new technology that rumors are speculating that Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man will equip after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. What we are actually looking at is unknown,

‘IT’ Will Pass on Group Sex Scene from Stephen King Novel

IT, Warner Bros. Pictures

Director Andrés Muschietti revealed that an infamous scene from the IT novel by Stephen King will not be in the 2017 movie adaptation. The scene is highly controversial, but shows the main characters (as children) engaging in sexual intercourse during a pivotal battle against the demon Pennywise. In a recent interview with Collider, Muschetti

The ‘Super Troopers 2’ Teaser Trailer is Here & I Can’t Contain my Excitement!

Super Troopers 2, Broken Lizard

The wait is finally over! The sequel to 2001s Super Troopers is here, courtesy of Broken Lizard. It has been a while since I instantly started laughing and getting giddy when a trailer began. It may have taken 16 years, but it feels like yesterday that Thorny and the Rookie chugged syrup,

Early Reactions and Reviews to Stephen King’s ‘IT’ : Terrifying as Hell

IT, Warner Bros. Pictures

The new adaptation of Stephen King's IT is due in theaters until September 8, but early reaction to screenings are remarkably good. There were worries about casting and feel amongst fans, but you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that people getting into early screenings are loving what they see.

Could Jared Leto Return to the DCEU as The Joker?

Joker Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Pictures

This week has brought us news that Warner Brothers is planning 2 new DC films featuring The Joker, and Jared Leto is hinting that he will be in at least one of them. This is hard to believe, seeing as how fans detested his version of the Joker, regardless of

Reeves: Yes, ‘The Batman’ Will be Part of the DCEU

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Brothers Pictures

Rumors surfaced earlier this week speculated that director Matt Reeves' upcoming film The Batman will not be a part of the DC Extended Universe. Reeves has addressed these comments quickly, stating how his film will fit into the bigger Warner Bros. DCEU continuity. On Twitter earlier this morning, Reeves was quick to