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Marc Webb Talks About the Cancelled ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-off ‘Sinister Six’

Amazing Spider-Man2, Sony Pictures

With Spider-man:Homecoming becoming an instant hit, Sony can breathe easier knowing that Marvel is holding the reins. The shadow cast by Homecoming has erased the dismal Amazing Spider-Man franchise from everyone’s memory. With the shift in direction for the Spidey films, a few anticipated films have been scrapped: Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3ASM director Marc Webb can’t seem to let the project go, and reminisces about what the Sinister Six film would have been.

Sony has not completely scrapped all of their potential Spidey spin-offs, as the studio is currently developing a Venom film starring Tom Hardy, and Silver and Black featuring the Black Cat and Silver Sable. For now, it appears that all hopes for a Sinister Six film is dead, but Webb took a minute to tell  Den of Geek what it was going to be:

“They were going to make a ‘Sinister Six‘ movie before we did the third [Spider-Man movie]. Chris Cooper was going to come back and play the Goblin. We were going to freeze his head, and then he was going to be brought back to life… [Norman Osborn] was going to be the main villain. He was going to come out and lead the Sinister Six. We had talked about Vulture a little bit too, actually.

And then there was that character called The Gentleman. We had some notions about how to do it, but I think maybe we were thinking too far ahead when we started building in those things. But it was a fun exercise. I look back very fondly on those days.”

Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony Pictures
Image: Sony Pictures

The Gentleman a.k.a. Gustav Fiers was a character that was only seen operating in the background of the films. He was a character that was sure to emerge during Sinister Six. According to another report via That Hashtag Show, a rumor might house the plot for Silver & Black:

The site claims the storyline sees Black Cat stealing something from Mendel Stromm/Gaunt, an ‘enhancement’ that ties in with bio-experiments he’s been conducting. Silver Sable, the main character, is a bounty hunter who sets out to find Black Cat and in doing so find Gaunt. Together they take on him and his cronies Scorpion and Tarantula.

Sinister Six film might have worked. After the multiple strikeouts that Sony made with the Spider-Man franchise, it might be best that the film was killed.

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