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‘Inhumans’ Intentionally Looks Low-Budget Due to Tight Schedule

Inhumans, Marvel Comics

If you are one of the many Inhumans fans who aren’t happy with the look of the new show, your suspicions are not unwarranted. The trailer was not impressive, and a lot of little details from the comics appear to be left out. Could all of this be intentional? According to director Roel Reine speed and budget are two factors that have led to the appearance of the show.

In an interview with CNET, Reine (Death Race, Hard Target 2) says that he was hired because he could make the show cheap and has the ability to work quickly:

“I think they liked me for the job because I was able with my action movies to shoot in a very short time, or with very low budgets. Action that looks like a big-budget movie. The schedule was super-tight. I had TV schedule time to shoot it with IMAX cameras, 20 days to shoot two episodes. It’s nerve-wracking but I come from a low-budget film world, so 20 days for me is luxury.”

Inhumans, ABC Studios
Image: ABC Studios

Reine says that Marvel is dedicated to Inhumans and the continuity between all of their projects. Fans should not worry about the way the show looks:

“There was always a Marvel executive around me, just to make sure that whatever I did, or whatever we did together, would tie in with other characters in other universes, in other comics, in other series or movies. They’re very protective. These people are very passionate about their product and about characters and about doing the best version of everything.”

ABC dropped a new featurette today that talks about the series focusing on introducing key characters during season one. IMAX cinemas will debut the first episode of the series on September 1st.

Inhumans will start its television run on September 29.