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New ‘Justice League’ Trailer Brings the Action in a Big Way

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures

The new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Joss Whedon’s Justice League hit the New York Comic Con today, and boy did it deliver. This new lighter version of the DC Snyder-verse is great. Who knew it would take some creative input from another director. There are some really great moments in this trailer, and I love the playful Joss Whedon lines sprinkled in for good measure. It serves a direct purpose to lighten the mood of the dark/gloomy DCEU, and shows us that these characters can laugh too.

Check out the new Justice League trailer below. Do yourself a favor and change the video output to 1080p:

This trailer begs the team to stay together, which seems like staying together, or rather ‘coming together’, will be a major theme in the film. It is in this approach that this film looks better every new hint we get. It seems that DC might have a legit hit on their hands. (Wonder Woman fans, I know the film was a hit. It was great but it was also extremely safe.) With a backtrack remix of ‘We Can Be Heroes’, this trailer kicks some major butt.

The trailer opens up in the shadow of Superman’s death. If you haven’t figured out that he will be back yet, I applaud you for missing the obvious. I don’t think Steppenwolf will be the big enemy in this film. I think it will be Superman. This is a great storyline to follow, as DC’s characters are all overpowered as hell. Will the Justice League  stay together when pitted up against their strongest member? (Insert golf clap here.)

Justice League, Warner Brothers Pictures
Image: Warner Brothers Pictures

Back to the trailer. This trailer is full of action. I am really loving how Jason Momoa portrays Aquaman. I am glad they didn’t try to pull off some half-cocked accent that critics can butcher. They just wrote him in fun, and let him run with it. His character is like your ‘cool uncle’. I can dig that.

Justice League hits theaters on Nov 17.

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