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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Clip on Features Chris Hemsworth and Director Taika Waititi

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios

Directors appearing in their own films, is not a new occurrence. Most directors slip themselves into funny moments or roles that play off of their biggest shortcomings, resulting in heavy-hitting moments. This is not the case with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. His cameo was not planned, but is easily in the one of the best ad-libbed moments ever. Funnier still, this began when Waititi and Chris Hemsworth were screwing around on the set.

Chris Hemsworth showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and brought an epic clip from Thor: Ragnarok which shows Thor trying to find a weapon after his prized hammer is lost. In the scene, Thor is talking with fellow gladiator Korg (voiced by director Taika Waititi) about some of the things that the hammer could do for Thor. Needless to say, Korg is a bit confused about exactly what the hammer is capable of, and thinks Thor has a ‘special’ attachment to the weapon.

Check out the clip below:

 Hemsworth went on to say that the scene started out with only one line. That changed when the crew caught he and Waititi messing around with the weapons created for the film. A lot of the weapons created weren’t used in the film, and this scene gives them all a change to be included.
“We were laughing about, ‘Oh my god what the hell is this thing? What the hell is that?’, and we started improving a lot of that scene,” Hemsworth said. “That was the tone of most of the movie, was sort of encouraged improvisation.”
Matt Damon also decided to crash the interview:

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Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios
Image: Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 2.

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