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Streaming: Netflix Shoots to Increase Movie Releases in 2018

Bright, Netflix

Netflix is a juggernaut that won’t stop, can’t stop. The streaming service is shooting for an ambitious number of movie releases in 2018. According to content chief Ted Sarandos, The number is going up considerably, with the plan looking to begin in early 2018.

During a release of third-quarter earnings, Sarandos says that the company looks to increase their number of original movie releases to 80 in 2018. That would translate to a new film dropping every four-and-a-half days. The films would range from Sundance hits to big-budget releases like the Will Smith-led Bright in December and The Irishman coming in 2019. This ambitious release schedule will double the film releases for Netflix, compared to this year.

Image: Netflix

Netflix reportedly tripled global subscribers in the past four years, hitting 109 million worldwide through September. This beats projections in its third quarter with 5.3 million additional memberships (up by 49% from last year’s Q3 numbers).

Regardless of projections, Netflix is pulling all of the stops in 2018. 2018 is going to be a big year for bingers worldwide. The streaming service is is adding a lot of new content in the months to come but is also dropping a fair share of favorites from its instant service. You can check out both lists of things leaving and things coming in October at the links.


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