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A Great ‘Stranger Things’ Item You Have to Have in Your Home

Stranger Things, Netflix

It is Halloween, and these items are here to bring a little Stranger Things into your home. There are a ton of home decor items to choose from, especially for Halloween, but these items are next level amazing. What better way to binge watch the second season of Netflix’s best show, than being surrounded by these item’s inspired by the show. Don’t pass on these ‘Stranger Things’  and go for tradition. Keep the Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkins in the closet, and use these items to scare and amaze your friends and family.

The first item on this list is an amazing Stranger Things Eleven candle holder. The best thing about this candle holder is that the melted wax assists in making Eleven’s nose bleed. It is a little disturbing, but it is also the perfect gift for your favorite Stranger Things superfan! The candle holder comes with two blood red candles, and includes a nostril cleaning tool, all for $40. The big downside, is that there is no drip pan for the nose wax, so a little creativity is needed.

Stranger Things Candle Holder, Netflix
Image: Firebox

Stranger Things Season 2 is out now on Netflix, and if you are still scrambling to find something to watch tonight, this is your choice. The gang is back together, after Will came back from the Upside Down, but things might not be what they seem. Hawkins still has a Stranger problem on the horizon.

Stranger Things Season 2 is found only on Netflix.


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